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1- HEALTH OF THE WORK TEAM, MEMBERS AND GUESTS: Antibacterial hand-sanitizing stations will be placed throughout all areas of the club to remember how important it is to wash hands and apply antibacterial gel.

Physical contact will be minimized as much as possible, as well as keeping a healthy distance at all times

Staff will wear masks whenever they are in contact with members and guests. Gloves will be worn when contact with unclean surfaces is necessary.


2- EMPLOYEE PROTOCOLS: All our staff have received information on safety protocols.

This includes training on the identification of symptoms similar to those of the flu or virus. Members and guests are informed that they should immediately go to a clinic and stay home until they are discharged by a doctor. The staff will be monitored for any symptoms daily (including temperature taking), and the use of protective equipment provided by the Club; mask, mask for eye protection and gloves will be monitored and enforced.


3- CLEANING AND SANITIZATION PROTOCOL: We use cleaning products such as soap, bleach and a special disinfectant effective against viruses and bacteria. We have increased the frequency of deep cleaning and disinfection of all common areas with an emphasis on high contact surfaces such as the reception module, bathrooms, room locks, bathroom handles, library tables, restaurant chairs, restaurant tables, wooden chairs.

In the swimming pool area, the lounge chairs will be cleaned every time after use and a sign will be placed on each one that will say it has been sanitized. The green furniture cushions in the restaurant area and upstairs hallway the green cushions have been removed. Each table of the beach umbrellas will have antibacterial gel for the use of the member and guest.


4- PHYSICAL DISTANCE: All members and guests are instructed by Julieth and Karinna at the entrance to keep a distance of 1.8 meters from people who do not come with them. Umbrellas are being installed on the beach with a distance of 2 meters between each one. In the pool area umbrellas were removed leaving a separation of more than 2 meters. In the terrace area 16 lounge chairs were left (4 at each umbrella), in the canopy area 6 lounge chairs were left, and In the restaurant the tables were separated at the suggested distance.


5- PROTOCOL ON ENTERING THE CLUB INCLUDING ACCESS TO THE BEACH: At the entrance of the club 2 mats were placed with a special product for disinfecting shoes, antibacterial gel at the entrance, the use of mouth guards when entering and during club facilities (bathrooms, lobby, library and restaurant) the temperature is taken to each person who enters. The day pass sale is not taking place with the intention of not having large groups, only the number of people allowed for the member (6 family members plus the main member) and the guests(5 people). In this way In the restaurant, pool and lounge area, only people who are using the club furniture will be accommodated.


6- ROOMS FOR RENT PROTOCOL: Upon handing over the room, the member will be informed that their cleaning will be at 12pm daily and they are requested that the room be empty by then. Aurora (with her protective equipment) will do a simple cleaning ( change of towels, make a bed and provide soap and toilet paper, sweep and mop). For check out, the maid will be given a whole day to wash sheets, bedspreads, disinfect all areas of the room in depth, application of spray product on the mattress and pillows. The room will be empty 3 days in total after use in order to allow any virus to die on the surfaces. This way we can be sure that they are disinfected.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a pandemic derived from the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus type 2) .56 It was first identified in December 2019 in the city of Wuhan, 7 capital of Hubei province, in the People's Republic of China.


The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized it as a pandemic on March 11, 2020.9, As of February 2, 2021, more than 104.3 million cases of the disease have been reported in 255 countries and territories in the world. On the other hand, by October 2020, the World Health Organization estimated that at least 10% of the world population has already been infected with this disease (approximately 780 million infected people), due to the large under-registration of cases to world level.1011


The virus is generally transmitted from person to person through tiny droplets of saliva, known as Flügge droplets, which are emitted by talking, sneezing, coughing, or breathing. 121314 It spreads mainly when people are in close contact, but also It can be spread by touching a contaminated surface and then bringing contaminated hands to the face or mucous membranes. Their incubation period is usually five days, but can range from two to fourteen days.1516 The most common symptoms are fever, dry cough, and breathing difficulties.15 Complications may include pneumonia, acute respiratory syndrome, or sepsis. 171819 Despite having numerous vaccines under development, there is still no one or specific antiviral treatment, 13 so currently the only way to address the disease is through symptomatic and supportive therapy.20


Recommended prevention measures include hand washing, coughing, physical distancing between people and the use of masks, as well as self-isolation and follow-up for people suspected of being infected.13 The elderly and Those with conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory diseases, high blood pressure or immunodeficiency have a much higher risk of contracting the disease and of having serious complications, so it is suggested to stay at home as much as possible.21

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