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The Beach Club is a private club owned by its members.  Attendance is only permitted to members and their guests. Member numbers and identification are required to enter the Club premises.  Members must own a property in the designated area comprising Club Santiago, Vida del Mar, the Juluapan Peninsula and Calle San Andres.

Membership is restricted to 280 families.

All memberships are family memberships and provide access to the Beach Club for the Member and six family members who must be registered on the application and annual information form. All Members must provide a passport sized photograph of the Member and listed family members.

Prospective members must complete an application form; provide a reference from an existing member; include evidence of property ownership (copy of escritura page or copy of utility bill); and provide a letter from community association stating years of ownership of property, that all dues and fees are paid to date and that the individual is in good standing.  All applications must be approved by the Board of Directors.


Guest: someone who is known (a friend or extended family member) and not a renter staying in a residence owned by a member.  The Guest may be staying in the member’s primary residence or in any other location in Manzanillo.  The Member must notify the Club Manager in advance of the names of any Guests permitted to access the Club in the absence of the Member.


Members may bring up to five guests at any one time. If a Member wishes to provide services to an unaccompanied guest, they must register the guest in advance with the Club Manager in person or through an email which is provided on this website in the Member-only section.  Members are not allowed to provide access to the club for individuals who are renting their property.

Additional Programs to Access the Beach Club

Membership in the Beach Club is restricted to owners of property in the designated area of Club Santiago, Vida del Mar and Fraccionadora Peninsular of Juluapan (the Designated Area).   The Beach Club has two programs to provide approved non-owners with access to the Beach Club.  These programs are for access only and do not provide the rights and privileges of Membership such as voting rights, extended family and guest privileges and ownership of a share of the club.


  • The Rental Property Program allows a Member in good standing to purchase access rights to the Beach Club for up to five individuals residing in a designated property(ies) owned by the Member that is/are within the Designated Area. The Member applicant pays a registration fee and annual dues set by the Board for the designated property(ies).

  • The Renter Pass Program allows approved applicants who are renting a property in Manzanillo within the Designated Area with access to the Beach Club for the applicant and up to four designated family members. The applicant pays annual dues set by the Board.

Rental Property Program

The Rental Program does not extend the privileges of membership to the renters but does provide access to the Club subject to all applicable policies and procedures governing such use. The Member shall be responsible at all times for the observance of said rules by renters.


The details and fees associated with the Rental Program are subject to annual adjustment by the Board and are available at the Club office.


This program does not apply to renters and guests using a Member’s primary residence.

The following conditions pertain to participation in the Rental Property Program:

  1. To register for the Rental Property Program includes the payment of a one-time non-refundable registration fee. This fee is due at the time this application is submitted.

  2. Member/owners approved for the Rental Property Program may purchase one or two “5-Paks” which are good for the calendar year during which they are purchased. Each “5-Pak” purchased entitles the member/owner to have up to five renters at any one time registered for full access to the Club.

  3. Each “5-Pak” is purchased at the time the Application is approved.

  4. The Member must provide to the Club office regularly updated information including the names of renters who will have access to the club, the address of the  property at which they are staying, and the dates during which they will have Club access.    

  5. The Rental Program does not extend the privileges of membership to the renters but it does provide access to the Club facilities, with all the applicable policies and procedures governing such use. The Member will be responsible at all times for the observance of said rules by the renters.

Renter Pass Program

Rules Governing the Renter Pass Program

  1. Applicants for the Program must submit an application form specifying the name of the applicant, the names of up to 4 family members to be included in the program, the home address and address within the Designated Area where the applicant is residing in Manzanillo, plus the names of two current Members as references. 

  2. The pass is issued on a calendar year basis and is valid from January 1st until December 31st. The pass is implemented on a trial basis only and purchase does not guarantee that it will be available in future years.

  3.  Because a non-member does not pay an initiation fee nor any assessments, the annual fee includes a portion for Facilities Repair and Replacement.  The annual fee is set by the Board and shall normally be equal to the Annual Fee for Members plus 10% of the current Initiation Fee for Members. Payment of the full annual fee is payable on application and will be returned if the Application is not accepted.

  4.  The users of the Renter Pass Program will agree to follow all Club policies and rules. The right to access the Club may be suspended by the Board for unacceptable behaviour or violation of the Club policies and rules.

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