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Residence and Primary Use.    I own a dwelling located within the areas corresponding to Club Santiago, Vida del Mar and Fraccionadora Peninsular of Juluapan that I use as my residence when in the Manzanillo area.   This property is not used for the primary purpose of gaining rental income.  My family and guests in that home are the only persons who shall have access to the club under my membership.

Rental program registration.     In addition to my residence, I own one or more rental properties. I understand and agree that any renters in these properties will not have access to the Beach Club, and that the use of the Club related to this membership is only for my and my immediate family as listed on the membership form.  

Declaration.   In accordance with Article 8 / o of the Statutes of the Association Club Santiago Recreativo, A.C., to which I belong as an Associate, I declare that the information contained herein is true. I also ratify my obligation to comply with the current Association Statutes, the Agreements taken by the Assembly of Associates and the Association Board of Directors, to pay the different fees established in the approved form and terms, and to respect the different rules of the Association. 


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