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Mission & Vision and Values Statements 


To provide:

  • access to the beach.

  • quality facilities, amenities, activities, and services to enhance the Member’s experience in Manzanillo.


Our Mission is to provide Club de Playa members with private access to the beach and to quality facilities, activities, amenities and services which will enhance their experience while in Manzanillo.



The Club de Playa will be: 

  -     an extension of a member’s home

  -     a great place for the whole family

  -     a great place to be

  -     a friendly, welcoming place

  -     an inclusive community

  -     a private Club with a full, active and satisfied membership

  -     a beautiful facility

  -     a safe and secure place

  -     in a strong financial position

  -     a good employer

  -     connected to the broader

Community with strong strategic relationships

  • a place to connect with other Members


Our Vision is that the Cub de Playa will be a fully inclusive, beautiful, vibrant, secure and welcoming place to be for the entire family with an active and positive membership, a strong financial position, and a strong connection to the community.



We value:

  • excellent service

  • friendly responsive staff

  • the beautiful views

  • effective management

  • transparent governance

  • strong financial governance

  • the restaurant with good quality and affordable food and beverages

  • the attractive pool area

  • having easy access to lounge chairs, umbrellas, tables and chairs

  • access to beach activities, lessons and equipment

  • clear, effective communication with our Members in Spanish and English

  • pleasant and comfortable accommodations for guests

  • wifi access

  • opportunities to participate in activities, classes, special events


We value access to good quality and affordable food, beverages, beach and deck amenities, lessons, activities and special events.


We value friendly and responsive service in both English and Spanish.


We value the Club’s beautiful views, attractive spaces and comfortable accommodations.


We value  privacy and security.


We value effective management and transparent governance.


We value clear, effective communication with our Members.


We value environmental sustainability within our Club operations.


We value treating staff equitably and fairly.

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