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Water Activities

Members are welcome to bring their own equipment and may store their personal “Water Sports Equipment” on the Beach Club premises subject to pubished guidelines.

Members wishing to store their personal water sports equipment should complete and submit the Aquatic Storage Form here. 

Bridge Club

The Club Santiago Bridge Club uses the Library at the Beach Club on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.  Members and Guests are welcome to sign up. There is a small charge for use of the space and other costs.

Salsa Lessons

Classes are offered from time to time at the Club as warranted by the interest of members.  Currently private salsa classes with a Cuban Salsa instructor on the upper terrace are available by booking with the teacher.  Check a the office for information.


Games Afternoon

Members and their guests are invited to drop in on Wednesday afternoons for games such as Pegs and Jokers. This is a Club sponsored activity offered at no charge.

Massage is available by individual booking with Jasmine.  Information is available at the office.

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